bite analysis
paul plascyk, d.d.s.
charlotte, nc dentist

 Occlusal analysis-mounted case (Bite exam)


Are you aware of the Occlusal Analysis-Mounted Case 
procedure for analyzing an unbalanced bite?
You should be.

Proper analysis of the bite or occlusion before treatment is completed will ensure optimal final results for each of my patients. I accomplish this with an Occlusal Bite Analysis Mounted Case. It is important to understand that this is a very specific type of examination. 

What is an Occlusal Analysis Mounted Case

An Occlusal Analysis Mounted Case is the official American Dental Association description for a comprehensive procedure to analyze a patient’s bite.

Before describing an occlusal analysis-mounted case in more detail, I would like to discuss when it is indicated.

An Occlusal Bite Analysis-Mounted Case is indicated for the following cases: 

    - Before any complex cosmetic and oral reconstruction 
    - Before orthodontics (braces) for adults.
    - If there is any of the following signs of Occlusal Disease:

          * Pain or incorrect functioning of the jaw muscles and jaw joint (TMJ) 
          * Excessive wear of the teeth 
          * History of multiple crowns and/or bridges 
          * History of multiple root canals 
          * History of periodontal (gum and bone) disease
          * Current periodontal disease
          * History of teeth becoming more crowded and crooked over time 
          * History of teeth becoming more spaced or flared over time 
          * Loose teeth 
          * Fractured and chipped teeth

The best way to ensure that your jaw joint (TMJ), your jaw muscles and your teeth (bite) are functioning in harmony is to first start with an Occlusal Analysis, mounted case (ADA procedure code (D9950). After the Occlusal Analysis, mounted case is completed, a determination can be made for what procedures need to be performed to get the bite balanced. Among other procedures that might be recommended, an Occlusal Adjustment, complete (ADA procedure code D9952) is often necessary. Only a small number of dentists actually perform these procedures (ask them). Without these procedures I could not deliver the best holistic care and long term comfort, function and health for many cases. These procedures are recommended by prestigious dental academies. 

The following pictures shows the basic steps in performing an Occlusal Analysis, Mounted Case. These steps ultimately result in the dentist analyzing the information to determine the best way to achieve a balanced bite for the patient. 

An Occlusal Analysis Mounted Case requires that models of a patient's teeth are mounted on a tool called an articulator. The models are mounted or attached to the articulator using measurements and data taken from the patient's jaw structures. The mounted models are then analyzed to determine what is wrong with a patient's bite and what treatment needs to be completed to balance it.